THS Class of 1971

Dickie JenkinsMemories of Dickie Jenkins
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From Tommy Harrison (June 2011): Dickie was working in west Texas with Karl Kacir and Fred Cunningham when my Dad passed away so he couldn't attend the funeral (July 7, 1970). When he returned from his trip, he came to Swim Park where I was working to console me and spend time with me. He and Larry Jones died in a car wreck within the next few weeks. He was such a caring friend to so many of us.

From Gary Garrison (June 2011): MY BEST FRIEND. I'm sure there are a lot of people that felt the same way. Dickie had a way of making all his friends feel so very special. Dickie, Craig Bailes, and I had just returned from a week at the beach at Matagorda the day before the tragedy happened.  I've never truly gotten over it.  I still get tears when I see his picture or think of him, which is often.  The fact that he has been a Guiding Light from Heaven throughout my life is my only consolation.  I LOVE YOU MAN!

From Melissa Heap Mullins's scrapbook: A photograph of Dickie, Melissa, and Lynn Sladovnik at the Texas Youth Conference held on the University of Texas campus, Austin, Texas, in the summer of 1969(?).

From Lyman Grant (June 2011): I know Dickie's death was difficult for me. If I remember correctly Debbie Alexander and I rode to the cemetery together and after the service, I cried and cried. I was embarassed. I was too young not to be ashamed of grief.

From Doug Stewart (August 2011): Dickie was such a great guy.  He was one who not only accepted but embraced this invader from the north with my strange accent and way of dressing.  He immediately accepted me as a great friend as if we’d always known each other.  I have so many fun memories of him but one in particular is so typical.  As several of us hated the long distance running we had to do in pre-season training, we would take a shortcut and stop by his house for a glass of iced tea and hang out just long enough to make it seem like we’d run the whole distance.  One day when we stopped, his male Chihuahua was so glad to see him that he rolled over his back and shot his wad up Dickies arm!  We all laughed so hard it’s a wonder we didn’t piss ourselves and Dickie just laughed it off too, washed his arm and we resumed running back to school!  I’ll never forget the night he died.  I’d been working the graveyard shift at Scott and White and my dad woke me up that AM to tell me what had happened with the awful wreck.  After that, again working nights at S & W they brought Craig in, restrained and thrashing about.  I’d stop by throughout the nights and hang with his brother John and a friend playing Led Zeppelin, CCR, Mountain, Cream, etc on 8-track tapes-remember those?  What a surreal episode in our lives and so sad.  Craig and I lived the hippy life for a while in San Marcos while I was in school so we were very connected in the aftermath of that event and I’ve never forgotten it or all the others involved, lost, and missed.  Now all these years later, it seems so long ago and yet still so fresh-I guess that’s why they say getting old isn’t for sissies!!

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