THS Class of 1971

Eddie VaughanMemories of Eddie Vaughan
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From Cathy Simonton Harris (June 2011):  I went to Vandiver through the 2nd grade. I remember riding bikes home after school with Eddie Vaughn and he was sad I was moving. . . . He was very sweet. . . . [His death] was very sad.

From Kay Bakke Haydon (June 2011): He was such a sweet guy, and funny too.

From Lisa Wilkes Dunkley (June 2011): Eddie lived about four houses down the street from me - he was so fun. And, let me drive his old car all over our neighborhood. Gee, no one ever found that out!!! Ha!

From Melissa Heap Mullins (June 2011): Eddie was one of the sweetest guy friends ever. . . . Remember how much he loved to talk on the phone??!! He would have been a super husband and dad, but became an angel way too soon as did Dickie Jenkins and Larry Jones -- so sad. We miss you guys!!

From Lynn Sammons Darst (June 2011): Eddie was my best boy "friend" - so sweet! . . . I'm still catching up on my sleep between all of the late-night phone calls from him.  I think Eddie's death was one of the main reasons I became a counselor, and I think of him often when I'm working with my students.

From Sandra Weaver Schwing (June 2011): I still miss Eddie to this day and think of him often.

From David Pierce (June 2011): [His death was] such a tragedy.

From Deborah Alexander Nash (June 2011): That smile!  And I had forgotten about those phone calls until I read these memories!   I still think of Eddie often, along with Dickie and Larry.  After all these years I am sitting here smiling through my tears.

From Gary Garrison (July 2011): Eddie was one of those guys who, as soon as I saw him, I always smiled. I just couldn't help it. He was so much fun. I will never forget him and feel so blessed to have known him.

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