THS Class of 1971

Ernest KnoxMemories of Ernest Knox

From Nancy Riddle (March 2011): A few years ago I was a substitute teacher for TISD.   I had some of your kids in my classes and did some subbing for Ernest Knox at Bonham.  I happened to mention to him I had the characters I had done to decorate the bulletin board outside the Travis gym for the Travis Lamar game when we were in 9th grade.  After a little more discussion, he remembered the 'Charlie Brown' type characters and that I had done a Travis player who was 'not a white guy.'  I suppose we never know what will make an impression on the people who cross our lives.  He expressed an interest in having these decorations which I planned to send him, but as time goes, we all get busy and some things that we planned to do get caught in the  rush of daily life.  I know there are a lot of wonderful memories we have of those classmates no longer with us.  One of mine is of Ernest.  As all of them who are gone, he will be missed.

From Gary Garrison (July 2011): Ernest was The Man! Early on, I was always in awe of his physical and athletic abilities. But it was later in life that I really appreciated how great a guy Ernest was. He totally dedicated his life to being a teacher, mentor,and a role model for the children of his community. I really miss the big guy but feel so blessed to have known him.

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