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Rick ElliottMemories of Rick Elliott
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Some posts are adapted from Facebook threads.

From Lisa Wilkes Dunkley (June 2011):  "Rick was an important part of my life! He was full of life and fun to the max! We were together in Mrs. Rushings' fourth grade class at Jefferson -- we made this enormous 'ocean wall mural' -- Rick got to take it home. I never got over that! Funny, how we remember silly things. Rick is soooooo missed by many of us who knew him so well."

Rick Elliott 6th GradeFrom Melissa Heap Mullins (June 2011):  "Rick was my first boyfriend at Jefferson ,and........ through high school, at UT , and as young adults living in Dallas, he was the brother I never had. I mss him each and every day and went to see his mom last week. She lives here in Temple at Garden Estates. Although she has some memory loss, we still talk and laugh about old times and fun family vacations. Our Dads were best friends, too. They met at the Holiday Inn for coffee each weekday morning at 10 am if possible. I love and miss you, Rick."

From Sherri Fast Crandall (June 2011): "Gosh, we still miss Rick, don't we??"

Rick Elliott 7th GradeRick Elliott 8th GradeFrom Lynn Sammons Darst (June 2011):  "Definitely miss Rick! He could always make me laugh!"

From Cindy Howell Palla:  "Yes, we do still miss you, Rick. Rick would have loved Facebook. Who knows, maybe . . . he is lurking on Facebook. Hi Rick!!!!! We still love you."

From Angela Bishop Newman:  "Rick was my first crush at Lamar AND my first kiss. Such a handsome guy."

From Cindy Howell Palla:  "I remember that. Wasn't The Kiss at his house? Rick and I had a thing for a few days in 6th grade, but then he broke it off. I think he sent Sandy to break it off with me!!!"

From Deborah Alexander Nash: "Rick was the epitome of COOL.  I adored him.  Rick, Carol Bragg and I used to go to Carol's house after school at Lamar and just hang.  So I got to be cool for a little while too!  I have known a lot of guys since Rick and he still rates in my top 5 of all time Cool Guys.  I still miss him."

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