THS Class of 1971



                                                                             For the 1971 Temple High School Senior Class


Tonight, did you stand in the open door
Hesitant and scan the room

Like you did the first class

The first day of high school

Searching for the friendly face

Someone’s eyes to sparkle in recognition

A nod that allowed the doors of an anxious present

To open to the sunlight of a hopeful past?

Look, we saved a seat for you


                    You are not alone


Each of us wonders if we will be remembered

For the dropped pass in the fourth quarter

Or the stupid gesture we made in the class photo

Where we imagine everyone’s eyes still stop

Dismayed and offended

That gap in our knowledge that prompted

The wave of giggles across the classroom

Until it splashed upon the teacher’s face

And wiggled there like a beached fish


Does anyone know how far and how hard

The road has been just to get us here?


                    You are not alone


Like contestants in a television competition

Challenging our talents endurance, and our fears

One by one, we step from behind the curtain

Of our private daily trials into this late stage

Of our present lives and are welcomed here

By each others’ applause


                    We make it this far

                    We are not alone


Yes some of us should lose weight

Some of us should stop smoking

Some of us must keep working a few years more

Some of us found AA

Some of us still have unrealized dreams

Some of us create new dreams every day

Some of us ache for a lost child

Some of us grieve a spouse

Some of us made one big mistake long ago

Some of us have been washed in underserved love

Some of us did not make it this far

                     And still they are here in memory’s unclosed book

Some of us found God

Some of us walked away

Some of us see the world half empty

Some of us hold cups overflowing

Some of us survive accidents and illness disease and indescribable discomforts

Some of us still dance in spite of it all

Some of us still rock and roll


                    We are not alone


There stands the friend who helped you master geometry

And there the guy who got you the lifeguard job at the country club

There’s the boy or girl you always wanted to kiss

That old friend helped you with that big curl in your hair for prom

Remember the time you laughed so hard with those girls

               You peed in the front seat of your car and that made everyone laugh louder.

And those boys stuffed fruits in their brassieres

That girl’s favorite song was “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Those boys smoked pot and listened to Atom Heart Mother

She was the science wiz and added ions or something in her head

He sat next to you in typing class and always beat

               You by five words per minute  It was infuriating  

Isn’t that one of the guys who made the principal curse at the pep rally

That gray haired man once looked like a Beach Boy

That composed and mature woman is the goddess

               In the white bathing suit you fell in love with one summer

That smiling man really is the friendliest member of the class no joke


                              You are not alone


We are grateful you stepped through that door

If you wish tell us where you’ve been

Or where you hope to go

The evening’s young and we’ve only just begun


                                                                                                         Lyman Grant

                                                                                                      8 October 2016

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