THS Class of 1971

Then and Now

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Thomas BairdThomas BairdThomas BairdThomas BairdThomas C. Baird is an attorney and partner with Baird, Crews, Schiller & Whitaker, P.C., in estate planning, probate, and real estate law, on which he writes and lectures extensively throughout the country.  He is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Estate Planning and Probate Law, Residential Real Estate Law, Commercial Real Estate Law, and Farm and Ranch Real Estate Law; and he has been named a Texas SuperLawyer by Texas Monthly for every year since 2003.  Thomas and his wife Cindy live in Temple, where he is a past chairman of the Temple Chamber of Commerce and Temple Business League, and a member of Temple Bible Church.  He attended college at Texas Tech (B.A. 1975) and The University of Texas (J.D. 1978). 
(Updated March 2011.)

  JV BentleyJV Bentley2001J.V. Bentley attended the 2006 reunion and hopes to see many more of his THS classmates at the 40th reunion in 2011.  From J.V.: "Still chasing rainbows, avoiding catastrophes, and thankful for my blessings."
(Updated March 2011.)

Pictured at right: J.V., Gary Garrison, and Jesse Wall at the 2001 reunion.
  Ron BravenecRon BravenecRon BravenecRon (a.k.a. "Ronnie") Bravenec says "Greetings fellow wildcats!  I went to U.T. (Hook 'em!) after graduating and majored in electrical engineering.  I was in the Longhorn Band but quit after a year because it just ate up too much of my time.  After graduating, I attended the University of California, Berkeley (Go Bears!) and received a Ph.D. in 1982.  My field of study was plasma physics applied to fusion energy research.

"After graduating, I returned to U.T. to join a new project performing experiments on a fusion reactor design called a "tokamak."  Unfortunately, we lost our funding in 1996 and many of my colleagues were let go.  The remainder, including me, began collaborating with groups at MIT and a company in San Diego, both of which had tokamak devices.

Ron Bravenec"Around the same time, I met my beautiful wife Alison.  She was born in Mississippi (please don't hold that against her!) and has a brother and two sisters.  She went to Trinity University as an undergraduate and then to Southwest Texas State (now Texas State) where she received an MFA in creative writing in 1997.  Her thesis was a novel.  We wed in September of that year at Umlauf Sculpture Garden in Austin.  If I say so myself, it was the best wedding I'd ever attended!  We honeymooned in Europe.

"I left U.T. in the summer of 2007 and signed up with Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL), a maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment utilizing plasma.  Ron BravenecTheir American headquarters are in Austin, so thankfully we didn't have to move to Japan!  Shortly after starting work at TEL I received a three-year grant from the U.S. Dept. of Energy to carry out my own fusion research project (computational).  The grant required that I be a "company," so I formed "Fourth State Research," a sole proprietorship.  I worked for TEL two-third's time and on my grant one-third time.  The grant was just renewed for another three years.  I left TEL at the beginning of this year, but I'm continuing my grant work and Alison is writing "the great American novel."

"We live in a tiny 1930's bungalow about a mile from downtown Austin just off "SoCo" (South Congress), which is lined with restaurants and shops.  We love it!  No children but three "wild cats" that hate each other.  ;^.  We're looking forward to seeing whomever makes it to the reunion!"  (Updated June 2011.)
  Deborah Forrest de HernandezDeborah Forrest de HernandezDeborah Forrest de Hernandez has lived in Honduras since 1975.  From Debbie: "I send this pic that has me, my dad Herman, my mother Margaret, my brother Richard, my husband Manuel (next to me),our son Manuel who married that day, our other son Joseph right below my husband with his sister Deborah Margarita next to him (she looks like me). I suggest names being placed by pics on '71 graduate web page' as otherwise we CANNOT recognize each other lol! Thanks and GOD BLESS ALL."  (Update April 2011.)  
  Alan Farrow-GIllespie 1971Tandem Dorks 2007 MaineDr. Alan Farrow-GillespieDr F-GAlan C. Farrow-Gillespie, M.D., is a pediatric anesthesiologist and Director of Pain Management at Children's Medical Center of Dallas.  He and his wife Liza (THS Class of 1971) both hyphenated their last names in a well-intentioned social experiment that has resulted partly in wedded bliss, but mainly in a whole lot of tedious name-spelling to people over the phone.  Alan's colleagues call him "FG," and his patients and staff call him "Dr. FG" or "Dr. Feel-Good," and sometimes "Dr. Hyphen."  Formerly a United States Air Force captain and flight surgeon, he has served on the medical faculty at Scott & White, Stanford University, and UT Southwestern Medical Center, where he is currently an associate professor.  Alan has completed five marathons and two triathlons.  He and Liza are founding members of Dorks for Tandem Bicycling (see photo).  From 1998 to 2004, the two of them sailed around the world on a 54-foot sailboat.  Alan enjoys flying his Cessna 182T, biking, jogging, skiing, doing handyman projects, getting away to Angel Fire NM, and clowning around for the benefit of his pediatric patients and his wife. 
(Updated March 2011.) 
  Liza Farrow-Gillespie 1971Liza Farrow-GillespieLiza Farrow-GillespieLiza & AlanValedictorianLiza Farrow-Gillespie lives in Dallas with her sweet redheaded husband Alan (THS Class of 1971), whom she kissed for the first time in "Arsenic and Old Lace" senior year (thank you, Kay Hester).  Liza is an attorney at the law firm of Farrow-Gillespie & Heath LLP.  In deference to her abysmally short attention span, she has held a variety of other positions over the years, including rock/country/jazz/blues singer, studio singer, piano bar player, sailing captain, free-lance writer for sailing magazines, editor, tax accountant, and briefing attorney for the feds.  Her highlight reel so far would include marrying the love of her life (1984), surviving breast cancer (1991), sailing around the world (1998-2004), singing back-up vocals on the soundtrack of the movie Out of Africa, and working for Judge Barefoot Sanders (1992-93, 2005-07).  Liza is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, the Texas Bar Foundation, and numerous volunteer organizations; and she currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Opera.  She would like to lose about 50 pounds before the 2011 Reunion, but what the hell. 
(Updated March 2011.)
  Gary GarrisonGary Garrison says:  "Here's my story and I'm sticking to it...  

"After graduating from THS, I attended Temple Junior College and The University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em!) where I received a B.A. in Biology.  I then went to The University of Texas Dental Branch, Houston, where I obtained a D.D.S. degree in 1979.  I went into practice with my close friend, Tommy Harrison, in Katy, Texas.  We shared a great practice in Katy for almost 30 years.  In 2007, I sold my business and set up a new dental office in North San Antonio with my son, Austin.  We were fortunate to be in another booming area and our practice has rapidly developed.  As of December, 2010, Austin became owner and for the first time in over 32 years, I am now an employee and enjoying every minute of it.  

"I have been married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Susie James Garrison, for 35 years.  We were blessed with twins, Austin and Emily in 1981.  Emily is married to Will Grigsby and lives in Austin.  She has her Masters in Nursing from U.T. and is a professor at A.C.C.  Her husband, Will (an Aggie!) has his Ph.D. in Physics from U.T. and works for B.A.E.  They are the proud parents of 2 year old, Ethan James and are expecting another child in October.  Austin is married to his high school sweetheart, Ashley.  As mentioned, Austin is a general dentist in San Antonio and Ashley is a high school History teacher and girls' soccer coach.  Ashley is "retiring" after this school year to take care of our second grandson, Dylan John, who was born in January, 2011.   Susie and I currently reside at beautiful Canyon Lake.  We love it and spend as much time as possible spoiling our grandkids.  This is such a joyous time in our lives and we are truly grateful.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone in July for the 40th.  It should be a blast!"
(Updated June 2011.)

Cynthia Jones GrossCynthia Jones GrossCynthis Jones GrossCynthia Jones GrossCynthia Jones Gross tells us: "Hi Ya’ll!  I don’t get to use that greeting much up here in the top right part of the nation.  This is Cynthia Jones (Gross) reporting in as we approach the big Four Oh NO Reunion.  Here is a brief recap of life since high school.  After dispatching trains on the Santa Fe railroad for ten years I found myself in Houston, where I acquired both a finance degree (U of Hou) and my perfect husband.   Rick is a managing director with one of the larger New York investment banks, which is why I have found myself living twelve miles outside the City for the past twenty five years.  I briefly used my degree working as an associate telecommunications analyst at a Wall Street firm and found that wedded life was no good when you were working sixteen hour days.  (Updated April 2011.)

Cynthia Jones Gross"After dropping out of the job and commuter rat race I’ve been a stay at home mom in charge of two wonderful daughters and a very needy dog.  Several years ago our eldest daughter Melinda (not to be confused with sister Melinda) graduated with a theatre degree from Muhlenberg, a small Pennsylvania liberal arts college and has since moved to Denver where she is waiting out the recession by pursuing her acting dreams.  Recently she snagged  the role of Lily in the production of “Annie” where she schemes to get money from Daddy Warbucks, a situation not unlike her remaining tether to the nest.  I guess this is just another instance where life imitates art.  Martha, our youngest, is the family egghead.  She is a junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in applied materials engineering and energy studies.  For you sports fans, Martha is also fairly speedy.  She recently acquired her fourth All American designation as a sprinter in the NCAA Division III Championships.  I like to think I contributed some genetic material.

"Through the years I have had the great good fortune of establishing dear friendships through community volunteer work and our church.  The latter may have come in handy since I am also a six year survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Cynthia Jones Gross"Slowly and steadily I’ve been working on becoming renaissance woman.  I’ve been certified as both a master gardener and landscape designer from the New York Botanical Garden, taken way too many classes and devoted way too many hours toward botanical illustration and am now working on my 10,000 hour quest to master the bluegrass fiddle under the tutelage of a former Bill Monroe Bluegrass Boy.  Along the way we’ve built a log home in Nowhere, Colorado where I indulge in being a psycho-gardener, fighting off the deer, porcupines, elk, mountain lions and bear.  You can find me there hiking the hills with my trusty canister of bear spray and playing fiddle where there are no neighbors to complain.  Next on the list of indulgences looks like a deep wade into the nuances of fly fishing.

"It has been great to follow the reunion on our website and Facebook, stirring up old memories as a crosscheck to make certain the brain is still functioning (although I vaguely recall it is the short term part that goes first).  Hope to see you in July!
(Updated March 2011.)

  Joe HabererJoe HabererJoe HabererJoe Haberer is Regional Sales Manager for NOV Tuboscope in Singapore.  He has been in the oil & gas industry since 1978.  His current territory is the Far East-Asia Pacific Region, from India west to S. Korea-Japan, Inner Mongolia-China south to Australia-New Zealand, and everything in between. Joe's picture was not in the THS yearbook, so the "then" photos at left are from 1972-73, when he was in the United States Army stationed in Germany.  From Joe: "Absolutely love to travel and see new places, people, cultures and try new food. Got the travel bug when I was in the military after HS and it has never subsided. Fortunately my job has allowed me to do that."  His previous jobs have taken him everywhere there is oil and gas exploration and production, and he has worked in or visited all 7 continents and almost 70 countries, where he has gotten to pursue another strong interest: "Have played golf on 5 continents! – Africa still to go and I couldn’t find any on Antarctica." Joe has been married to Margaret (Peg) Gerrity, who works as a medical illustrator, for 12 years; and they have 5 children in their blended family: Josh (27), Kyle (24), Melanie (24), Trevor (20), and Samantha (18).  Joe's favorite quote is from Indira Gandhi: There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group - there is less competition. 
(Updated March 2011.)
  Cathy Simonton Harris 1971Cathy Simonton Harris sends this update: "I am married to Clint, the love of my life.  We have been married for 35 years.  We live in Eastern Idaho near the Wyoming border with our daughter Jennifer, a Great Dane, and a mean Nanday Conure!  We always wanted to live in the Wild West, so this is a dream come true.

"Due to Clint’s job in commercial construction, we have also lived in Wyoming and several other beautiful states.  I’ve looked upon each move as a new adventure!   We are blessed with two children: Josh (30) and Jennifer (26), and one grandson: Trent (4), Josh & Stacy’s son.  Jennifer was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3.  I put any thought of a career on hold and quit my job at the bank to become an advocate for my daughter and a stay at home mom for both of my children.  It is a decision I have never regretted.   I am still an active advocate for Autism and have worked 12 years with learning disabled children and adults.  

"I enjoy spoiling my grandson, cooking, painting, making birdhouses, refinishing furniture, and photography.  I do take advantage of the beautiful area we live in.  We often take day trips to Yellowstone National Park, Teton National Park, and Idaho national forests. One request on my bucket list is to go whitewater rafting on the Snake River in June!"
Updated May 2011.
  Paul Jeter HowethPaula Jeter Howeth says: "After graduation and attending Temple College for 2 years, I transferred to the University of Houston and graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education Degree.  I taught school in Spring Branch ISD for five years.  I live in Houston and have been married to Jack Howeth for 31 years. We have 3 sons--Justin, 30, married to Meghan and they have a 4 year old daughter, Kyleigh (the apple of my eye after 3 sons!!), John Wesley, 25, not married, and Jason, 22, not married, attending the University of North Texas majoring in music with a business minor.  Justin works with my husband in real estate and is also an independent real estate broker and Wes is close to graduating from Baylor University with a business degree. 

"After our first child arrived, I became a stay-at-home mom.  Eventually, I began volunteering with a nonprofit women's organization in Houston-the Houston Junior Forum.  I became interested in fundraising and have chaired 4 galas and several luncheons with the Forum.  I chaired or co-chaired galas, luncheons, fashion shows and golf tournaments for several other organizations in Houston as well.  Currently, I am serving as president of HJF-again!  Jack and I were blessed to be honorees  for the 65th Anniversary Junior Forum gala this past April.  I was presented with a proclamation from Governor Rick Perry recognizing my 25 years of volunteer service to the Houston community and am designated as a "Yellow Rose of Texas."

"Jack and I spend much of our free time at our 80 acre ranch in Hempstead, TX raising miniature sicilian donkeys.  Just nice to get away from the "big city" eventhough it is hot and dry right now. Jack has been in real estate development and home building for over 30 years. I like to work in my flower gardens (when it is not hot!) and I love to play Mah Jongg whenever I can. I visit my sister, Pamela Jeter Pekar (THS class of 1974) several times a year.  She lives with her husband in Granger.  I don't get to Temple much anymore since my mom passed away 17 years ago, so certainly am looking forward to seeing you "Wildcats" after so many years.  A few wrinkles and a few more pounds have somehow found their way to my house and have taken up permanent residence!  Oh well, what the heck?!  See ya'll in a few weeks."
(Updated July 2011.)
Bubba JohnsonGlenn "Bubba" Johnson: After graduating from THS, Glenn "Bubba" Johnson played drums for several years with the international musical, Up With People. In 1975 he moved to Austin where he continued playing music while also slowly (think molasses) pursuing a college education.

After graduating from UT in 1980, Glenn relocated to the DFW area and in 1985 founded his own business, an advertising agency which he continues to operate today. In 2005, Glenn finally got married, to Maria Teresa "Teri" Pelaez, Ph.D. and vice president for Mission Foods. They live in Irving with their very demanding cat, Tiger.  Bubba says to tell everyone that their mortgage will not be paid off until 2019, so please continue to eat a lot of Mission tortillas and chips.  (Updated August 2011.) 
  Deborah JonesDeborah Jones 1971
Deborah JonesDeborah JonesDeborah Fuchs Jones
is an assistant professor of music in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.  She retired in January 2011 from her position at the First Baptist Church of Temple, where she played piano for Sunday services for 36 years.  She and her husband Gary (THS Class of 1970), who is a banker, live in Temple and have two grown children: Amber is married and lives in McKinney; and Clay is married and lives in San Antonio.  Deborah and Gary have three grandchildren: Clay and Rachael's two sons Gunnar and Ford; and Amber and Dan's daughter Julianna.  When asked what she does in her spare time, Deborah says: "I love grandchildren." 
(Updated March 2011.) 
Marie Perry KlineMarie Perry KlineMarie Perry Kline tells us: "In 1971 it never occurred to me that forty years later I would be writing this little profile and looking forward to our 40th Reunion.  I never imagined that I would have four children or that I would be single and working in my home town.  I didn't think I would be a quitter on a biology Ph.D program or be highly regarded for my native plant knowledge.  I never dreamed that I would be an avid student of ballroom dance or that information technology would pervade my life and lead me down the path to social networking and the wacky world of internet dating.  There have been some unexpected plot twists, but all in all, I'm still becoming the person I am.  And most importantly, I'm enjoying the journey. 

"After two years in grad school at UT Austin, and with no degree to show for it, I began working at Scott & White in the Tissue Culture/Virology lab.  In the neighboring lab were Doctors Stinson and Sunbury, whom I adored.  I grew cancer cells and worked on some research projects.  After nine years of that I took a break as a stay-at-home mom to two children; and then at the age of 37, unexpectedly became pregnant with twins!

Marie Perry KlineMarie Perry Kline"My oldest child, Lauren, is 31, married with a baby, and works as a Physician Assistant in Conroe.  I love being a grandmother! Mitchell is 25, has a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Berkeley, and is continuing for his Ph.D.  David is 20 and studying Mechanical Engineering at TAMU.  His twin, Alex, is studying Architecture at UH.  I'm proud to say that we weathered many storms together and that I credit them with educating me in the most important things in life!

Marie Perry Kline"I work at Temple College as a lab manager for the departments of Chemistry, Biology, and Biotechnology.  I'm that behind-the-scenes person who orders stuff, makes stuff, sets it up, takes it down, disposes of the safe and the scary wastes, keeps EPA chemical inventory, tells the students they shouldn't wear flip flops in lab, and generally helps more than 30 instructors on four campuses with anything they need.  It's much like being a supermom with multi-disciplinary skills and a work ethic that never quits.  Apparently I have a talent for complex organizational tasks and caring for people.  :)

"I would like to be retired from a much better paying job, but I'm grateful for every opportunity I've had.  I don't have a career to my credit, but I've got a mortgage, a car, and a quirky dog!  The kids are my legacy.  

"So much of life ahead
I'll find a place where there's room to grow
And yes! I've just begun."
(Updated March 2011.) 
  Craig LandrumCraig Landrum: "After THS I went to SWTSU in San Marcos to pursue the party life, extended adolescence, but God changed my life from reading the Gospel of John. Instead of living just for myself, I began to want to live for Jesus Christ my Savior and help others. I finished with a BBA and MBA and married Brenda Bielefeld, my wonderful wife. In 1984 I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary, emphasis in Hebrew and Greek Biblical languages. We took a Spanish language course in Costa Rica in preparation for missions work in Mexico. By God's grace we started 3 churches in Mexico. Our children speak Spanish as well as English fluently, and 2 of them now speak Turkish too.

"We have 4 children: Sarah (married to Jerry Mattix and have 3 children) - missionaries in Diyarbakir, Turkey for 9 years; Joshua in Houston, marrying Laurie Lau this month; Ruth (married to Jonathan Sonoda and have 2 children) -missionaries in Antioch, Turkey for 2 years; Hannah, who just finished 2 years as a bilingual teacher in Dallas. We just moved to Calatayud, Spain (March 2011) in response to an invitation from Spanish pastors to help with a church plant."
(Updated July 2011.)
  Joe MahlerJoe Mahler: "After graduating from UT Austin's architectural school, I moved to Houston and began working in my field.  I started my firm in 1982 and we're still here in Houston.  The love of my life, Genevieve, and I have a family that keeps us busy....Katrina (28), Madison (26), Jacob (13), and Riley Grace (7).  My mother is approaching 91 and we make it to Temple fairly often to visit with family and friends.  I'm back on the tennis court and life is great....slower, but great!"
(Updated June 2011.)
  Melissa Heap MullinsMelissa Heap MullinsMelissa Heap Mullins lives in Temple with husband Pat Mullins (THS Class of 1970). They raised twin daughters in Temple and are now retired from the real estate business. From Melissa: "In 2009, our daughter, Sally Armstrong and her husband, Lee, blessed us with our first grandchild, Jenna.  They live in Temple - yea! Our daughter, Mary Helen Johnson and her husband Tyler, blessed us with our first grandson on February 3rd of this year!  They live in Dallas, so we plan on adding to the congestion on I-35 as often as we can.

Melissa Heap MullinsMelissa Heap MullinsMelissa Heap MullinsHere is a picture of our family at the hospital in Plano right after Carter was born during the 'great ice and snow storm'! I am also sending a picture from lunch last fall with Carol Bragg Siefert, Lynn Sammons Darst and Cindy Howell Palla. Carol lives in Virginia and does not get to Texas often, but I am hoping she will make it to the reunion. I was also glad to spend time with two of my best childhood friends, Jim Weinblatt and Bubba Johnson, at Jimmy's daughter's wedding in the summer of 2009." 
(Updated March 2011.)

Angela Bishop NewmanAngela Bishop Newman is starting her 35th year as a Program Analyst with the Department of Veterans Affairs.  She and her husband JD live on 12 acres in the country outside of Troy, Texas, where JD raises goats and Angela enjoys quilting and growing heirloom vegetables: "My salsa and dill pickles are really good, if I do say so myself!"  Angela has three grown daughters: Aimee, who is married and lives in Blanco; Jourdan, who teaches 8th grade science in Grand Prairie; and Nellie, who works for an advertising firm in New York City.  Angela has two grandchildren, Aimee's sons Landon (age 9) and Holden (age 3). 
(Updated March 2011.) 

  Cindy Howell Palla
Cindy Howell Palla
Cindy Howell Palla
Cindy Howell Palla
lives with husband Marvin Palla (THS Class of 1970) in Round Rock.  Cindy is a dental hygienist, character actress, and semi-pro poker player.  Her "dark comedy satire" short film Hot Dogs and Hand Grenades, will have a red carpet premiere at the Gen Art Film Festival in New York on June 14, 2011 (trailer -- viewer warning: bad language, violence). Cindy's film credits include the Sandra Bullock movie Miss Congeniality (2000), in which she played a law enforcement officer; The Life of David Gale, starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet (2003), in which she played the "victim's mother"; and Showdown! (1995), in which she played "Faye the waitress."  Cindy continues to appear in theatrical productions from time to time, when it doesn't interfere too badly with her poker playing. 
(Updated May 2011.) 

Roger Sadler 1971Roger SadlerRoger SadlerRoger Sadler, memorable in high school as "Teddy Roosevelt" in the senior play Arsenic and Old Lace, is an artist who works in drawing, painting, collage, photography, and assemblage.  The triple photograph at right is the artist's self-portrait.  Roger has had numerous showings at the galleries of universities, colleges, and local art centers from 1985 to the present. His work has been exhibited in almost all NAEMI art exhibits, and won first place in 1991, 1992, and 2006.  Roger had a one-man show at the Miami Center of Photographic Arts in 2006.  He currently lives in Temple; and his work can be viewed on his website:
(Updated March 2011.) 

  Cathy Matous StewartCathy Matous Stewart has lived in Bryan for 16 years this July:  "My husband, Randy is  the head tennis coach at Bryan High and I am the Principal’s Secretary at an elementary school.  We have each been in 'school business' for over 26 years.

"Randy and I met at TJC.  He was in his second year of playing tennis there and I was in my freshman year.  Didn’t know him from Adam when I happened to be late to history class and had to sit in the back of the room.  Of course, Randy was the class clown and was in the back, too.  We had our first date in September 1971, engaged in November and married on July 22, 1972.  Randy was going off to Midwestern University in Wichita Falls to play tennis and I wasn’t going to let him go without me!  So, here we are almost 39 years later!  Seems like the blink of an eye………..  

"We have two boys, Todd, age 35 and Tyson, age 30.  Todd and his wife Paula live in Lubbock. Todd is in construction and Paula is a teacher.  They have 3 children, Haley is 7, Lily Anne is 3, and Ian will be 2 in August.  Our other son, Tyson and his wife, Jana, live in Groesbeck where he is an assistant tennis coach at the High School and  Jana is a teacher in Mexia.  Most of our time off is spent going to Lubbock to see the grandbabies since we only see them about 3 times a year.  Skype keeps us in touch.  My mother and one brother still live in Temple so I go often to visit.         

"We love living in Aggie Land.  Even though neither of us are official Aggies, we like the traditions and atmosphere.  My brother, Bruce and his family, come to all of the games so we tailgate right along with them.  Our youngest son, Tyson, and his wife are both Aggie graduates.  

"Randy and I live a rather simple life, no great adventures, nothing really exciting going on but we are happy and grateful for our family and friends.  

"I am so excited about seeing every one this month and look forward to renewing old acquaintances.  Haven’t missed a reunion yet!  I will apologize now if I don’t recognize some people.  My memory is shot!"
(Updated July 2011.)

Doug StewartDoug StewartDoug StewartDoug Stewart and FamilyDoug Stewart is a real estate broker (GRI) with Realty Austin.  He is married with two children. 
More photos of Doug and his family . . ..

(Updated April 2015.) 

  Jerry TaylorJerry Taylor says: "After driving trains for the B.N.S.F. Railroad for more than 37 years, I am looking forward to retiring in May, 2012, with more than 38 years of service. I have been married to a true Angel from God, my best friend, for 36 years, Kathy Davee. She was a THS 1974 graduate. Kathy is a Paralegal in Thomas Baird's office, working for attorney Jack Crews for the past 26 years. We have lived in the country for the past 19 years, in Sparks, Texas, and it is for sale, by the way.

"We were blessed to have two boys, Jason Lynn in Dec. 1978 and Joshua Lee in June 1982. Jason and wife, Stephanie, live in Humble, TX. Both are high school teachers and coaches at Huffman I.S.D. They gave us our first grandchild in April of 2008, a boy, Jaxon Lynn Taylor. Josh and wife, Jodie, live in Temple, Tx. He is a firefighter for the City of Georgetown, and he also has his Peace Officer License, commissioned by the City of Georgetown. Jodie is a registered nurse at Scott & White in Temple. They gave us our second grandchild in Aug., 2009, a girl, Jayda Leann Taylor. What a joy being a grandparent is. It took me 35 years to finally get my girl, and yes, the wait was worth it. She has her Paw Paw wrapped around her fingers.

"Kathy and I both enjoy riding our own Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The experience has taken us to places we have never been before and looking forward to seeing more. Even though we are empty nesters, we still have our adopted children of 5 dogs and 6 cats. Yes, I'm a sucker for a stray. They are the best watch dogs and cats anyone could want. 

Forty years ago, WOW, a lot has changed. The one thing that hasn't changed is we are all still classmates. The memories may be slowly fading, but the memory of the good and bad times are still there. I would like to thank the classmates on Facebook for allowing me to go back in time to remember when....and to a feeling of getting to know you better today than back when we were all too busy worring about ourselves. Thank you."  (Updated May 2011.)
  Gaye Thompson-ButlerGaye Thompson-ButlerGaye Thompson-ButlerGaye Thompson-Butler retired with 30 years of service in 2004 after completing tenure as a Training Specialist and On-the-Job Training Coordinator for Waco Center for Youth.  Gaye's husband Roger Butler retired last year from M. Lipsitz and Company.  Their two daughters graduated from Mary Hardin-Baylor; Laura Bearden with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Stephanie Bailey with a Bachelors of Science in Education.  Laura works in the Women and Infants Department at Providence Hospital and is married to Kevin, owner of Kevin Bearden Custom Homes in Waco.  Kevin and Laura have two children, Emme, 4 and Ian, 1.  Stephanie teaches kindergarten in Moody and has three children, Gage, 18, Callie, 16 and Avree, 5.  Gaye and Roger spend their days enjoying family and especially their grandchildren, traveling and supporting the fighting Baylor Lady Bears. 
(Updated March 2011.)
Carol TraylorCarol Traylor
Carol Traylor
is a litigation attorney and partner with Cantey Hanger in Fort Worth.  Licensed as a nurse in 1976, she spent several years working at Scott & White.  She then became interested in law after having some experience lobbying the Texas Legislature on nursing issues, and decided to pursue a law degree, which she obtained from Baylor University School of Law in 1985.  Carol has been named a Texas Monthly SuperLawyer in every year since 2004, and she was recently named one of the Top 50 Women Lawyers in Texas. 
(Updated March 2011.)